About Us

We at eprintmedia are a small family of 18, very creative and determined professionals who have gained expertise and recognition, in the domestic as well as international markets, for the inspiring ideas we bring to the table. It is worth a mention here that for us, being part of the eprintmedia team has been a fun and challenging journey since our inception. It is a journey each one of us enjoys undertaking with a sense of pride and passion each day as new challenges and success come our way.


Our distinction in the arena of children's books production comes from our conviction and belief that nothing works better than quality. We take pride in the fact that our books are at par with the best in the international market, fueling our confidence and will, to perform even better.


Our team of professionals perfectly manages the individual needs of our clients. Be it concept development, designing and layout, content editing, managing illustrations and photographs, printing, packaging, and even project management, you name it and we do it. Trust us with any or every responsibility associated with the entire creative process of book production and be rest assured, for we will deliver the best.


It is a fact, that today we are the first choice of many publishing companies, organizations and individuals looking for quality work, faster turnaround and competitive prices. Their confidence is humbling and their expectations are an encouragement for us, to use our expertise and deliver services, outdoing our last-best, each and every time.


Presently we are operating from our head- office located in Delhi, the capital city of India. We extend our services to national, as well as, international clients, world-over.

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Our work revolves around children. They are at the epicenter of all our creativity and hard work. For, we are a company that specializes in children’s books, is focused on catering to the needs, aspirations, imagination and creativity of little kids.
Each and every book in our vast collection is conceptualized keeping the age, interest and attention-span of a child in mind. We look at our books through the eyes of a little child and try to stir up fascinating and educating reads, which hold the interest of our young readers, not just for a day or two, but for months and maybe years together.