What we are

Started with an intention to become an all-encompassing production hub of children's books, eprintmedia is fast gaining the reputation of being a passionate, value-oriented, goal-driven book production studio. Our motto is, to always deliver quality and our target is, to provide our spread of domestic and international clients, with the best of print publication services

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Our work revolves around children. They are at the epicenter of all our creativity and hard work. For, we are a company that specializes in children’s books, is focused on catering to the needs, aspirations, imagination and creativity of little kids.
Each and every book in our vast collection is conceptualized keeping the age, interest and attention-span of a child in mind. We look at our books through the eyes of a little child and try to stir up fascinating and educating reads, which hold the interest of our young readers, not just for a day or two, but for months and maybe years together.